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Thunder Struck by Lightning

Updated: Jul 7, 2021

So there are close calls and there are close calls. Just ask our very own Allan Morrison. Thursday June 10th will be a day he will likely never forget. While working out in rural Saskatchewan Al was struck by lightning on the job site. But the best part.... he walked away unharmed! How? Its one of the mysteries that surround us Arcana Kings. Believe it or not our band was named for a purpose. Al is super lucky that where he was at the time of the strike he was insolated by rubber tires from the lift he was on. At least that is what the newly nicknamed Al "Thunderstruck" Morrison thinks. We are just happy that he was unharmed and is now fully charged to rock!

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1 Comment

Come back to Red Deer soon. I can’t wait till Soldier on drops. 🤘

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