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Gold Record For Soldier On

Hey Everyone! We have a new and exciting campaign we are embarking on called Gold for 40! As most of you know by now our new single Soldier on was co written by members of the Soldier On program. These members served their country with honor and integrity. We are all trully thankfull for their service and sacrifice. Our Gold for 40 campaign is just a small way we can say thank you.

Here is the idea

In Canada, you must sell 40 thousand units of the single to recieve a gold record or have 6,000,000 streams. Here is how that works.

Digital & Physical Single Sales

+ On-Demand Audio Stream Equivalents

= Total Units for Single Award Certification

Units for Single Awards are calculated as follows:

  • 150 eligible streams count as 1 unit towards Single Award Certifications (i.e., 150:1).

  • Physical single sales count as 1 unit towards Single Award Certifications

You see how this works? We need your help! How cool would it be not only to donate part of the proceeds from units sold but to present the co authors of the Soldier On program with a gold record! This is our mission. Please check out our new single and video for Soldier On. You can purchase the song here. Sharing is caring! Cheers!!

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