Ok, a Crazy Story!

I have to tell this story since it is so crazy. On the night of Oct 4th at 7:30 pm Pacific I (This is Johnny btw) was sitting in my home with my family watching t.v. at my house in Nelson B.C. we have a giant picture window in our tv room. While we were watching tv we heard a big bang at our front door (directly located about 8 feet from the window). I turned to look outside but it was dark an could not see much. I went to the front door, opened it and saw the most horrifying thing. There about 10 feet from me was a cougar with our cat (Dottie) in its mouth. I yelled at the cougar and it darted. I grabbed a flashlight and a crowbar after telling my wife to call the police. (We are doing lots of renovations at the moment so ya, it was either a crowbar or a hammer lol). I remember the first thing I thought was that I just saw a female lion. But reality check and I knew I was seeing a cougar.

My adrenaline took over and the next thing I knew I was out the door with my flashlight and crowbar trying to chase it down. Well as you can imagine I could not find the cougar or any trace of Dottie. My heart sank. After looking around the house and in the neighbors yard for 30 minutes I finally succumbed to the inevitable. I headed back to the house and had the unpleasant task of telling the family that our family pet was not coming home. It was a moment that I was not prepared for.

We live in a mountain town and as so, we live with the animals. I must say not very often do we have cougars, mostly bear, deer, skunks, raccoons the odd sasquatch, that sort of thing. There were a lot of tears and I have to admit I was having a difficult time accepting what had just taken place. I was unsettled and not yet ready to give up on our extended family member. So, I headed back outside for another look.

As I came to the side of the house I noticed two eyes staring back at me. The eye shine startled me at first but as I looked closer and shone my light down into the darkness....there she was. Dottie!!! Alive!! Although she was limping and very hesitant to move the feeling of excitement overwhelmed me. I called to my wife "I found her!" "She's over here!" Stacy came running over and quickly began to calmly coax Dottie towards her. With tears in our eyes we brought her into the house and examined her. A few scrapes is all we could see. The kids were ecstatic and jumping for joy. Our Dottie was ok.

So after taking her to the vet we are currently awaiting for Dottie to have surgery. That will happen later tonight. She has a flap of skin hanging from her back leg, and a swollen left eye. They also want to make sure her bladder was not punctured but I feel like she is going to be fine. "She is very lucky to be alive" the vet mentioned. "They (cougars) usually don't let go". Dottie is tough, there is no doubt about it.

So this was a story that happened last night to our family pet. 2020 has been a trying year for all of us. I wanted to share something with a positive outcome. I also wanted to kick start something with all of you Arcana Kings fans, which we love and are very appreciative to have. We also want to get re-connected with you. Not only through our music but also through story. Are you up for a change? We will have new music coming out in the next few months, as a matter of fact we are in that process now. But I want to share some wild stories, possible sightings, or even unexplained things. We are Arcana Kings after all. A little secrets and mysteries keeps the communication going.

Join our news letter. Message us on Facebook, or email us and check out our social media, Spotify and all that we offer. We would love to share your stories as well. Maybe open a little dialog. Who knows where this can go. All we ask is to share your stories, refrain from rude gestures, and behave in a polite matter. lol. Has to be said but we know you will. After all you are Arcana Kings fans. Greatest fans around!

- Johnny McCuaig

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