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Arcana Kings head back to Las Vegas

We are going back baby!. March 15-16-17 Fremont Street Las Vegas!! Wanna come?

We want you guys with us. Who's in? Send us a message about why you wanna come and party with the band and we maybe able to hook you up with some good deals in Vegas!

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1 Comment

Hey Johnny, my name is Corey from Manitoba, huge fan, met ya a couple times in Regina as well as in Brandon. Regina was back when McNallys was open and Brandon was a number of years back when ya played the Double Decker. My wife and I are going to be heading down to Vegas for our 15th Anniversary. I had to check and see if you were doing Fremont again. We wanted to go the last couple years, but just never worked out. Glad to see that your heading back. Now that I know you are definitely going back We are going to plan our trip around catching your shows while we’re there. Looking forward to it!! Take care!

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